Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society

It is often said and heard that even a journey of even a thousand miles starts with a single step. Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society has proven the same with its pious vision and deed. Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society a brainchild of Sh. Naresh Kumar Pal S/o. Late. Sh. Lakhmi Singh is an unaided non-government charitable, organization. It was established in 2010 and within a time span of Seven years only till now, has changed the lives of several socially and economically deprived children as well as adults. Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society refers to an art of living by means of giving – education, financial support, medical aid, food, shelter, and above all a humanly treatment to all living beings and not only to human race.

Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society offers free educational support for domestic servants, illiterate housewives, children and unemployed youths. Several programs are already in a pipeline aiming at empowering employability skills in various areas such as Driving and stitching. The very purpose of the same is to empower living being with a feeling of self independence. The initiative started with a branch at Vijay Vihar, Rohini Delhi and has now successfully spread to Rajiv Nagar, Delhi

Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society today has reached to huge mass beneficiaries within Seven years of its inception; which is believed to be just a tip of an ice berg and much to do. The real reason of the very existence of Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society is the volunteers and team members with “eveready spirit” at all times.


Till few months back many of our student with their hidden brilliance may not have imagined that they would also be able to hold merit in their classes and schools; many of them would have had imagined that they would be going to school like other children of their ages. Parents of most of our students are working as unskilled labour engaged into construction work, fruit seller, sweeper, rickshaw puller, etc and holds a family of more than 4-5 people and is barely able to provide food, leave alone the education and decent living.

To support their families, most of the children from such unprivileged background starts withdrawing themselves from normal life and starts looking for options to aide their families and its needs and the options that they generally gets includes collection of waste paper, liquor bottles, plastics from garbage so as to sell it in return of money.

However, thanks to the efforts of Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society, a project named as Funshaala was initiated on 23rd March 2013; aiming at providing educational Support to all such under privileged kids. Most of the kids have benefitted themselves in a way that they have developed a feeling of worthiness of their own self and now their best activity is their school and their own Funshaala. These are the same children who initially showed total disinterest in the studies and used to run away from the classes but due to persistent efforts of teachers, they gained confidence and showed remarkable improvement in studies. With the guidance and motivation of Maharaja Sanghthan Charitable Society (Regd) it seems that all of them have not only rejuvenated themselves into a better person and wonderful human being in a making.


Each member of the Maharaja Sangthan Charitable Society is committed to enriching the quality of their own life by means of doing and giving the best of themselves to the society in rem. This commitment manifests itself in many ways - providing educational support by means of mobile schooling which our members runs in open parks and public places, Healthcare and medical attention, providing purposeful extra-curricular activities for the children, or fundraising for key essentials like food, clothing and shelter.

Every project and task supported and conducted by the Maharaja Sangthan Charitable Society is supervised by a dedicated co-coordinator who works towards bridging the gap between need and available resources. It is the responsibility of said coordinator to connect with other volunteers and members in the area to match the requirements and make project / task meet success.

All MSCS programs are envisioned and executed by our members and volunteers who are individuals from different walks of life, with varied skills sets who come together for a cause of social welfare and self relinquishment. We don’t do different things rather simple things that we expect from others for us; we simply try to extend the same to others in need of the same. We act as bridge between genuine potential need and donors who seek a channel to offer resource/s to the need. It would be interestingly notable that all of MSCS members are hand to mouth but it is their zeal to do good and be good which keeps them above edge and hence called MAHARAJA because giving is such a joy.

Objectives & Mission

  • Imparting primary education to children from Slums.
  • Providing vocational training to the less educated or uneducated youth
  • Encouraging active participation of community in various developmental programs
  • Engaging society in rem towards upliftment of religious and cultural values in society
  • Promoting self-reliance through open forum discussions and free counselling sessions
  • Developing community network initiatives for the marginalized sections of the society

In India when one talk about the Martyr the image of Shaheed Bhagat Singh come into the mind. On 23rd of March every year in India we celebrate the Martyrs Day and Maharaja Sanghthan keeps it their top priority on chart of annual programs to remember the Shaheedi Diwas of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.. Bhagat Singh born for India, worked for the independence of India and died for India. He was one of the most Influential personalities not only at that time but even today. Below is given a quote of Shaheed Bhagat Singh -
“If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud. When we dropped the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody.”